Sustainability Movement Monitor

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Instruction Manual Questionnaire

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Overview Questions and Answer Options Questionnaire

Would you like to have an overview of the questions and the answering options before starting to fill out the questionnaire?

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Online Questionnaire

Open the Online Questionnaire below. Some tips for filling out the questionnaire in SurveyMonkey:

  • It may help to read the following part of this Instruction Manual first, so that you know what information you need to complete the questionnaire. (Section C. Support for answering more difficult questions).
  • Once you have started filling out the questionnaire in SurveyMonkey, your browser will save the information. As a test, we closed the tab/browser while filling out the questionnaire and restarted the laptop. When the questionnaire was opened again in the same browser, the filled out information was still stored.
  • The questionnaire is closed and sent when you click on ‘Done’ on the last tab. You should only do this when you have completed the whole questionnaire and not to save your filled out information in the meantime. Saving information in between is done automatically in your browser.

Sustainability Standards and Labels

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Materials Used Calculator

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